Tales of the Silver Age

Succeeding times a silver age behold, Excelling brass, but more excell’d by gold. Then summer, autumn, winter did appear: And spring was but a season of the year.
— Ovid

(2999 BCE-1525 BCE)

The Reign of Setesh in Eqypt

Setesh was able to claim the throne of Egypt from 2780 - 2727 BCE.  In the Second dynasty of Egypt, Setesh returned.  He governed through several Ryukishi, and forced Asar and his companions into exile.

The Elders move out of Eqypt (2575 - 2551 BCE)

By the Fourth dynasty of Egypt, the elders tired of their attempts to rule humankind, and went out to forge their own way.  There numbers continued to grow as they spread throughout the world.

Gilgamesh, Ryukishi to Ninsun

Gilgamesh is one of the first Ryukishi of note.  Offered the pearl by Ninsun, he used his power to establish his kingdom in Uruk.  He was a fierce warrior, and wise leader.  He needed to be calmed, so Ninsun created another Ryukishi to be his companion.  Enkidu helped to civilize his baser urges, his loss was felt throughout the magical world.

The Elders reject Egypt (1550 BC - 1525 BC)