thyrsa munda Giants' Hands
se sith thara thyrsa [the path (out of this world) of the giants

drymann wizard, magician, sorcerer
drycraft wizardy, sorcery, magic
Árédnes covenant
Behát promise, vow
Wrecca lit. Exile, an non-magical person.
Gegnpaeth Wraca, the opposing path of exiles

Feoras, lit “Spirits” and invective

fritha protector = Lifweard guardian of life
scildend protector guardian defender = Nihtweard guardian at night

lyftfloga flier in the air
uhtfloga twilight flier

meregrot pearl

aerworuld ancient/former world

ambiht messenger
cniht disciple/warriot
erne servant
hyra follower/servant/dependant
sciman hyra twilight's follower
uhtes hyra twilight's follower (m)
uhtan hyra twilight's follower (f)

uhtsceatha(n) twilight foe

ar ore
aeledar fire ore
laguar water ore
gethyllar air ore
hrusanar earth ore

rimaner computer